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How is pine tar produced?

Our pine tars are produced through the dry distillation of wood, primarily pine, in ovens. This is why pine tar is a totally natural product.

What colours are the pine tars available in?

Auson has six pigmented pine tars that all give matte, beautiful hues. We also have Pine Tar Oil, which is perfect for your wooden deck.

Do I need to add any solvent?

For planed wood, and also if you intend to spray paint, we recommend an extra dilution of 10–20% turpentine. (Pine Tar Vitriol already contains turpentine and needs no further dilution.)

Why does pine tar offer such good wood protection?

Pine tar is a product from our trees. By treating wood with pine tar, you are adding natural substances that the tree itself uses to protect itself from e.g. mildew and algae. Impregnation with pine tar also prevents moisture penetration, instead allowing the wood to breathe. This helps prevent the wood from drying out and cracking.

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